College Class and Lab Lattice Frame Kits for Students and Teachers

Lee Engineering provides all-inclusive lab lattice Support frame kits and hardware kits for university and college classrooms and labs in the US. Lab lattice support kits are perfect for Professors and teachers needing access to rods, connectors, bases, holders, and clamps (couplers) who don’t want to go through the hassle of analyzing and ordering each individual product off our website.

If you’re in a position where you need to specifically select different science apparatus parts, however, our other parts include:

Each kit is equipped with every individual part available for sale at Lee Engineering. Our apparatus frame and hardware kits have the same durability and construction of our pieces sold individually. Although great for biology and chemistry labs, our lab lattice kits are also a great match for University and college classrooms nationwide. They’re reliable and safe kits with each part constructed to resist chemicals and heat. If you’re interested in purchasing a lab lattice kit online with Lee Engineering, feel free to check out the parts you’ll need to build a standard rectangular shaped lattice or create a custom kit with our Lattice Builder.

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