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Make an Informed Lab Lattice Frame Purchase

So, you need a laboratory lattice frame, but you don’t know where to start? You could spend hours searching the Internet for articles and forums to gather opinions, but chances are you’ll end up frustrated by the amount of confusing or contradicting information.

Whether you’re looking for the types of pieces you need to build a durable, safe, and functional lab apparatus frame, or you want to know how to build a lab bench from the bottom up, you’re sure to find some very useful information here.

Learn More about Laboratories

Lee Engineering has been in existence for almost 100 years. That longevity speaks volumes, but our mission to educate our customers is our driving force. We want to make sure you understand the items you purchase, so we strive to provide education to our customers.

  • Each component of a functional laboratory apparatus frame
  • Different types and best uses of glassware found in a lab
  • How to build a lab bench – from materials to safety precautions and sizing

We hope you enjoy the information we have to share with you. We truly want to make this knowledge accessible to the public. We want you to learn and be educated before you make a purchase.

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