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Lab apparatus, like lattice for fume hoods or benchtops, are the backbone of a functional medical, research or university laboratory. A steady, strong frame assembly with the capability of changing structure quickly and almost effortlessly is essential for an efficient laboratory. Latticework is only as strong as its weakest part, so every element of the lab apparatus must work together to create a secure and reliable assembly for your important experiments.

No experiment is the same, so instead of wasting time re-arranging your lab for different tests, Lee Engineering makes it simple with our lab frame parts and kits.

From advanced manufacturing labs to grade school science rooms, latticework must be safe, robust, and easily manipulated. The words, strong and mutable would seem to contradict one another, but Lee Engineering’s years of experience have helped us create amazing products with both properties.

At Lee Engineering, we provide safe, quality lab apparatus parts and kits for all types of laboratories.

Lattice in Other Applications

Lattice doesn’t always refer to a laboratory apparatus set up. By definition, lattice can refer to:

  • A structure consisting of strips of material crossed and fastened together with a square or diamond shape space between – like a fence
  • An interlaced pattern or structure (a physical object or in algebraic applications)
  • A three-dimensional arrangement of ions, molecules, or atoms – regularly repeated (physics definition)

Some of the common, three-dimensional lattice shapes defined in physics are:

  • Simple cubic: a = b = c ⇔   α = β = γ = 90°
  • Tetragonal: a = b ≠ c ⇔   α = β = γ = 90°
  • Orthorhombic: a ≠ b ≠ c ⇔   α = β = γ = 90°
  • Rhombohedral: a = b = c ⇔   α = β = γ ≠ 90°
  • Monoclinic: a ≠ b ≠ c ⇔   γ ≠ α = β = 90°
  • Triclinic: a ≠ b ≠ c ⇔   α ≠ β ≠ γ ≠ 90°
  • Hexagonal: a = b ≠ c ⇔   α = β = 90° | γ = 120°

To make the search for outfitting your laboratory simple, we’ve compiled some useful tips and information about laboratories, equipment, definitions, our products and more. We’ve created this page to be an educational resource for you.

Lab Apparatus Frame: Custom-Made Or All-Inclusive Kits

Whether you’re looking to create a custom laboratory apparatus to fit your existing lab or you want to buy an all-inclusive kit, Lee Engineering has you covered. We don’t specialize in one type of lab experiment set up; we specialize in variety to meet your needs. We have the perfect components to build a custom apparatus for a large industrial chemistry lab or for a home laboratory for adults and children.

  • Chemistry labs for large or small businesses
  • Quality assurance labs for large or small businesses
  • School science rooms, including chemistry and biology
  • Medical research laboratories
  • Government laboratories (forensics and more)

Parts Of Laboratory Lattice Frame Assemblies

Lab apparatus have five main components. They work together to create an area to conduct experiments and tests. These five main parts include:

Lab Frame Rods

Rods (usually aluminum or stainless steel) are the skeletons of your lab lattice, most often used as the base for suspending other components. Offered in various lengths and diameters, these versatile lab frame rods make setting up your lab simple.

Lab Frame Connectors

Connectors allow the lab frame to be customized in just about any configuration you need. Our lab frame connectors are safe, easy to use, and durable.

Lab Frame Supports and Bases

Lab frame supports and bases give your lab frame a solid base to stand on. These can be free-standing with a fixed perpendicular base or secured to your lab bench with a locking single-plane base plate.

Lab Frame Clamps

Laboratory frame clamps secure various lab apparatus, such as jointed glassware, columns, flasks, and tubes.

Lab Frame Holders

Similar to clamps, our lab frame holders secure beakers, test tubes, and other valuable equipment essential to your laboratory testing.

Lab Latticework Frame Assemblies for the Modern World

At Lee Engineering, we know how valuable time is. This is why we’ve created user-friendly and quick to setup lab frame assemblies. Not only are they simple to get your initial tests and experiment going, we’ve engineered them to be easily manipulated so your time can be spent on you work, not rearranging your lab frame setup.

With Lee Engineering’s latticework apparatus, all of the structures and configurations you need are easily made and transformed into the next, with strong and safe assembly at the forefront.

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