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Configure a lattice kit for your specific lab application. It couldn’t be easier.

Lab Lattice Frame and Hardware Kits For Industry and Education

Every successful science lab experiment begins with the appropriate equipment. Lee Engineering is the nation’s leading manufacturer of laboratory apparatus elements for chemistry. Customizable latticework gives you the flexibility to adapt to any chemistry experiment equipment. Our table-mounted stands, clamps, rods, and connectors are made of durable, lightweight stainless steel and non-corrosive aluminum alloy as well as other premium corrosion-resistant materials.

Chemistry lab equipment must be durable enough to withstand long-term abuse, especially with caustic chemical testing. Lee Engineering carries lab kits of all sizes for chemistry use. Our durable rods are made of steel, fiberglass, or aluminum – all of which resist corrosion, flammability, and other damage.

Lee Engineering carries separate lab lattice rods – available in different sizes and materials, including:




Not sure which kit is best for what you need? Our professional lab equipment provider can match you with the right kit, giving you the best product for the best price. Contact Lee Engineering now.

Lab Frames for Fume Hoods

Lee Engineering carries chemistry lab kits for fume hoods, used for keeping the lab and its workers safe from dangerous chemical fumes and other hazardous materials. From flammable liquids to chlorides, our chemistry lab frame kits are made to withstand the toughest of chemicals.

Our lab lattice frames are made of sturdy elements, which include:

  • Zinc
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel

Lee Engineering carries custom lattice frame kits for fume hoods. Whether you need back, or side and bottom mounts, our solid fume hood mounts stay securely in place. Our mount kits are adjustable, assuming 1-foot lattice spacing.

Food Science Research Equipment

Lee Engineering features reliable lab kit equipment for food science and technology. Studying the chemical makeup of food and improving its products involves heavily relying on peak performance equipment. all lab equipment from Lee Engineering meets institute standards. Choose from our variety of lab lattice kits, each containing different rods, clamps, and bases for food science use. Not sure what you’re looking for? Contact our lab equipment experts today for more information on what lab kit is right for you.

To make a standard rectangular-shaped lattice, you’ll need:

  • Two (2) lab feet – Choose from swivel base plates or stationary vertical base plates. All of our base plates have the ability to be permanently mounted on a lab bench or wall for your testing needs.
  • Four (4) lab frame rods (all same length). These are longer than the six lab rods below and good for the horizontal part of the apparatus.
  • Six (6) lab frame rods (all same length).  Shorter than the four lab frame rods above, these work well for the vertical connectors of your apparatus.
  • Four (4) lab rod end connectors – These for the corners – here you have the choice between closed or open lab rod connectors
  • Eighteen (18) lattice connectors – These connectors unite the interior lab frame apparatus to the exterior frame.

Lee Engineering instills the same quality and durability as our single pieces in each lab kit. Whether for home and school or commercial research chemistry, our professional lab apparatus frame and hardware kits furnish a time-tested, latticework ideal for any lab experiment or test. Providing quality lab equipment has been our mission since our origin – trust Lee Engineering with every lab equipment purchase

Installing Lab Lattice can be just as confusing as purchasing it sometimes. Lee Engineering has tried to take some of that confusion away by making sure that each kit includes installation instructions. We also have a “How To” series on YouTube and our Resources tab!

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