Custom Lattice Builder

Distillation apparatus grids are designed to mount small laboratory apparatus and glassware into the interior of your fume hood maximizing your workspace. Lee Engineering’s distillation apparatus system is available in multiple materials to provide flexibility, which permits you to create your layout quickly and economically. Grids can be mounted to the back wall or baffle of the fume hood; to the sidewalls and work surface or it could be a simple tabletop standing distillation grid. Anyone of our distillation grids can be customized to your requirements.
Building a Lee Engineering lattice kit to your exact specifications couldn’t be easier. Our Custom Lattice Builder allows you to choose your mount, materials, and input your dimensions to quickly determine all the components you need for your lattice kit. Send the configuration to your email for future reference or directly to the team at Lee Engineering so we can start working on your custom lattice solution.

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