Laboratory Support Rods for College Science Classes and Labs

One of the basic parts of any lab apparatus, give your applications the support they need with our support rods for college and university science experiments. Whether your university specializes in technical, chemical, or experimental research, you can benefit from our high quality, stainless steel rods, fiberglass rods or aluminum rods. When joined with our other science products, lattice rods are easy to assemble and can give you the support you need to be successful both during and after class. Our other parts used in conjunction with lattice support rods to create school lab apparatuses include:

As one of the most relevant aspects of your class’ lab assembly, lab frame rods give you the support you need to be successful in science classes and research. Collegiate biology labs can easily benefit from these easy-to-connect and arrange apparatuses – they cut the time you spend configuring your frame assembly, helping budget you additional time to perform your class research, tests, and experiments.

Supplying Support Options for University Experiments and Research

If you’re performing experiments or research at your University, Lee Engineering has the lattice rod supplies available to give you high strength labs for your various projects. Our support rods are constructed from 1/2″ or 3/4″ diameter stainless steel, fiberglass or aluminum – your choice. They can withstand intense chemicals and even fire, give you the freedom to perform any type of experiments or lessons necessary. These same lattice support rods are offered in a variety of sizes to not only fit your budget but your University and college class’ specific requirements as well. Give yourself the time you need to put your focus on precise movements, measurements, and calculations. Our rods help make sturdy lab apparatuses, giving you the peace of mind to know you don’t have to be overly cautious while conducting your class procedures, tests, or experiments.

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