Lab Frame Rods

Laboratory Rod Mounting Apparatus for Chemistry and Science Labs

Laboratory frame rods make up the majority of your laboratory testing assembly equipment. Testing assemblies are important for all laboratories, including corporate chemistry laboratories, K-12 school science laboratories, university biology laboratories, or food science laboratories. These apparatus frames are easy to connect and arrange. They save time so you can focus on your science experiments, tests, and procedures.

Durable, high-quality construction in stainless steel or nonferrous, fortified aluminum alloy endures harsh chemicals and heat in chemistry laboratories. The smooth finish on the rods deflects spills and simplifies cleanup of experiments. Because of their low iron content, our lattice rods resist corrosion overtime caused by moisture from experiments.

Custom Fit Any Laboratory With The Right Lab Rods For Your Application

Our laboratory rods come in various sizes and materials to fit your needs and budget. They are designed to withstand even the harshest environments. Because laboratory experimentation requires precision, our apparatus are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Our rods are compatible with our other components including our clamps, connectors, stands, and holders. Together, these parts form a laboratory apparatus frame for easy preparation of experiments, procedures, and tests.

At Lee Engineering, you can custom choose the equipment you need for your laboratory or browse our lattice kits, which contain laboratory feet, laboratory frame rods, laboratory end connectors, and lattice connectors. Each kit has all the equipment you need for your school science or biology laboratory.

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