Laboratory Rod Connectors for Chemistry Research and Experiments

If you’re in search of high quality, corrosion resistant, and easy to assemble lab connectors for your chemistry lab support stand, Lee Engineering can supply you with the solutions you need. Lattice rod connectors help establish a connection between lab frame rods to form joints, bringing your lab support stand together. Your chemistry research and experiments will be off the ground in no time with our lab rod connectors as they let you customize your lab support stand to your specific requirements both quickly and efficiently.
Chemistry classes and labs will benefit greatly from these lattice rod connectors as they feature open throat designs for easy shifting and removal – saving you time on any chemistry projects you’re working on. Stainless steel, non-ferrous, adjustments screws help simplify the assembly of your complete support stand, additionally providing a smooth surface making our rod connectors easy to clean.
Alongside our rod connectors for chemistry research and experiments, Lee Engineering offers a variety of products to help with the assembly of your working lab apparatus, such as:

Various Lattice Rod Connection Possibilities for Chemistry Labs and Classes

With lattice rod connectors from Lee engineering, you can secure lab frame rods and rod-mounted equipment at different angles, weights, and configurations for your personal needs. Give your lab apparatus the support and foundation it needs to remain solid throughout an experiment with our quality rod connectors. These lattice connectors are sold online with Lee Engineering for your chemistry needs. Our open type lattice rod connectors are open throat ball and s-type connectors, supplying you with easy shifting and removal. The closed type lattice rod connectors offer the connection of rods and other rod-mounted equipment as their tapered inlet provides a specific rod alignment. Need a quick movement while in the middle of an assay? Lee Engineering offers and exclusive Quick Connect option. This is an open throat s-type connector with an adjustable T-handle so lab frame rods can be moved while others can remain unchanged. Lastly, our clamps, also known as couplers, give you extension possibilities with lab frame rods – providing you with more flexibility in your University and corporate chemistry classes and labs.

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