Lab Equipment for Chemistry

Lab Support Stand and Apparatus for Chemistry Labs

Whether you are a prestigious researcher or an emerging scholar, you’ll find all the chemistry support stand accessories you need here at Lee Engineering. Our popular products include:

Our products help chemists everywhere conduct precise experiments. Lee Engineer’s lab equipment is ideal for amateur chemists and professional labs alike. We are trusted by chemists everywhere to provide them with only the best quality lab equipment. Looking to outfit an entire lab? Lee Engineering offers fantastic prices on bulk orders, so be sure to contact one of our representatives for special pricing today!

Build all your Science Apparatus Supports

If your broken, outdated, or cheap chemistry lab equipment could use an upgrade, take a look at lab supplies by Lee Engineering today! We are chemist’s one-stop shop for aluminum lab frame rods, fiberglass lab frame rods or support stands, open lab rod connectors, and more! Our support stands are some of the best available, and all of our lab rods and feet are corrosion resistant, so you can be guaranteed your lab apparatus is made to last. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current equipment, make some fresh additions to your laboratory, or build a custom stand from scratch, our highly knowledgeable chemistry lab equipment specialists will assist you with any questions.

Lab Equipment and apparatus for University and High School Chemistry Labs

Prestigious public and private universities nationwide depend on superior lab equipment for universities from Lee Engineering. We are specialists in affordable chemistry laboratory apparatus. Made from stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminum, or zinc, our chemistry supplies are of great quality and made in America. So upgrade your chemistry lab with the help of Lee Engineering today!

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