How to Measure a Fume Hood for Lattice

Lab Frames are space savers because they allow you to mount your glassware instead of using up valuable workspace in your hood. Fitting is a simple task and takes just a few measurements. As you take the measurements, you do need to consider what type of frame you are measuring for. This guide will help you measure for a Lab Frame that reaches the full width of your frame.


Measure horizontally across the inside top of the hood, where you plan to mount the frame. Once you have that measurement subtract ¼” and that is your horizontal rod measurement.

how to measure the width of a fume hood.


Lee Engineering’s Lab Frames come standard with a 36” vertical height. This means that your lattice would measure 36” high from the bottom of your workspace. If you need a different size, try our custom lattice builder and build a custom frame to your specifications.

Measure the height of your Fume hood.

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