Interior Design Style

With the current Do-it-yourself or DIY up kick and lifestyle changes, it should come as no surprise to see an uprise in the spacious styling that most may refer to as Industrial. Although most may think of exposed pipes and metal oversized windows, so much more brings the final euphoria to these designs.

From materials, to colors, to sizing, every element plays a part in the overall perception of a room’s décor. The biggest benefit in creating Industrial style décor is having the opportunity to customize any look and generate inspiration from any design. Accents are one of these opportunities when considering the final semblance of a room.

At Lee Engineering creating a custom piece is at your fingertips. Now is your chance to create and customize the overall décor of your home or office. Contact one of our specialists today and start creating your own conversation-starters.


Industrial Design

The key to achieving the designer-level look while staying true to an industrial setting is decorating with factory parts. Recreate a current look with our rods, base plates, and connectors, or create an entirely new one. The beauty of Lee Engineering and our products is that their envisage lies in you.



Lattice works great for laboratory fixtures, but it can also be used to create a multitude of structures, from art to home décor to functional furniture and more. Whether you’re flipping something from the flea market, making DIY shelving, creating cabinet handles and pulls or storage for your home, the possibilities are almost endless.

As opposed to wood or other material that might be used for DIY projects, lattice is extremely strong and durable, can be used indoors or outdoors without any treatment and supports a clean modern design aesthetic.


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