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Base Plate Assemblies for Laboratory Lattice

To anchor your connected lattice rods, Lee Engineering offers vertical and swivel base plates. Most corporate science laboratories prefer the swivel base plates because of the versatility needed in the industry. Swivel plates allow technicians to customize apparatus to specific experiments. While in the bases, lattice rods can swivel up to 22 ½ degrees. Quickly reorganize your laboratory apparatus in response to changes in experiments and tests. Once you determine placement, hex head screws lock lattice in place for safety throughout your science or biology laboratory work.

Vertical base plates are stable and strong for apparatus that won’t be adjusted as often as corporate or industrial laboratory apparatus. Schools, especially high school and middle school biology laboratories, favor vertical assemblies because school science laboratories house the same experiments semester after semester. Vertical base plates also stabilize lattice rods against sudden movement or process mistakes, which are more common in school laboratories. Contingencies are less common in professional chemistry and biology laboratories. Our vertical assembles can secure your apparatus to tables, walls, laboratory benches, and laboratory floors throughout your science classroom. laboratory feet provide a secure base for your laboratory frame rods.

Latticework Base Plates

Lee Engineering’s laboratory apparatus installs quickly and securely with screws or epoxy to any bench top, demonstration table, wall, floor, or science laboratory tables. Universities, schools, and corporate laboratories alike install our equipment because it comes with quality hardware. Base plates are available in a recessed mount burette type, fixed 90-degree orientation or swivel, with a locking adjustable range from 67.5 degrees to 112.5 degrees (22.5 degrees from vertical in either direction) along a single plane. The base plates are constructed with stainless steel or non-ferrous zinc alloy to prevent corrosion.

All of our base plates are compatible with our lattice rods and connectors and are frequently purchased together. Are you a school or organization new to science laboratory apparatus assembly? Lee Engineering also stocks multiple lattice kits containing the necessary laboratory apparatus hardware. Select one of the kits for a safe, accurate, and thorough install in your science or biology laboratory.

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