From massage tables and dental chairs to industrial and tattoo machines, our foot switches are smooth, quiet, durable mechanisms essential to ensure efficiency and accuracy. The electric foot switch from Lee Engineering provides precise control and allows you to keep your hands free.

Our SPST N.O. (single pole, single throw, normally open) foot switch features a round phenolic contact plate in a die-cast housing with a molded nonskid base. Pressure from any direction operates the footswitch. As an OEM, Lee Engineering supplies foot switches for medical and industrial applications and will customize your electric footswitch to meet the exact needs of your end product:

  • Cable type
  • Cable length
  • Cable termination for different types of electrical connections
  • Glow-in-the-dark decals


Customize Cord Length and Termination Type for a Unique Foot switch

Our foot switch cables offer unique customizations to cater to the needs of your industry or equipment. The cable connecting your foot switch to its power source can be personalized to suit the requirements of your OEM product or bulk order. We offer variations to create a custom switch for you, with differences in the power cord length, cord type, and cord termination for different electrical connections. Cord types include:

  • 2 conductor
  • Shielded

Our low minimum order requirements and short lead times provide you the flexibility to control your costs and inventory levels. Purchase 10 or 1,000; volume discounts are available.


Custom Cord Termination for a Variety of Electrical Connections in OEM Devices

The foot switch jack options offered by Lee Engineering are used for any number of products. Generally used for OEM devices, our foot switch can be terminated with the jack or plug per your specifications. From musical applications to industrial use, we will work with you to design a custom footswitch to accommodate any OEM need. Cord termination types include:

  • Terminated leads: Wires have terminated ends for permanent connection to your equipment
  • Flying leads: Open wiring for customization
  • Phono jack: Terminated with a jack plug (1/4” mono is most common)
  • Plug or socket: Terminated with a low voltage plug or socket for temporary connection to your equipment


Bulk Electric Foot-Operated Buttons for Nearly Any OEM Product

When purchasing a foot switch from Lee Engineering, we’ll work with you to design the right custom switch for your OEM and bulk order needs. We offer a classic one button switch, covered in ribbed rubber footpads to be reliable as possible. The latest model of our foot switch features a circular actuating cap with a slight pressure switch operation, which will activate no matter where the pedal is pressed.

Foot switch Types

What’s the Best Type of Foot switch for Your Industrial, Medical, Musical, Tattoo, or OEM Need?

There are a number of switch types offering different safety precautions and other benefits. Typical foot switch types include:

  • Single pedal: Provides a single command. This is the type of our foot switch.
  • Multiple pedals: Features multiple pedals for separate commands for complicated tasks.
  • Heavy duty: Features heavy-duty construction methods that are impact resistant. These switches may have dust and water ingress protection.
  • Heavy duty with Guards: Identical to the heavy duty foot switch that further protect the switch from damage.
  • Waterproof: Fully water resistant.

Foot switch Actions

The pedal action describes the footswitch operation.

  • Momentary: The switch must be pressed to close the electrical circuit. Once released the circuit will open. This is the type of our foot switch.
  • Maintained: One press of the switch closes the electrical circuit, the second opens it.
  • Anti-trip: The device will not turn on until a safety latch is pressed before pressing the pedal. These are typically momentary switches.
  • Two-stage: This switch has two activation points in one switch. When the pedal is pressed halfway in, one function activates; pressing the pedal all the way inactivates the next function.
  • Variable analog output: Distance the pedal is pressed is proportional to the effect, such as a guitarists’ volume pedal.

Foot switch Uses: Versatility for Any Industry or Personal Use

Applications for Foot switches with Industrial, Spa, Musical, and Tattoo Equipment

The electric foot switch from Lee Engineering has the versatility to be used with many types of machinery and equipment, including industrial, medical, tattoo, and musical applications.

Foot switches for Industrial Equipment, Manufacturing, and Hands-Free Control

From automobile manufacturing to miniature component production, our industrial electric foot switches allow operators to control equipment when their hands are busy. With a non-skid base and quiet operation, foot operated switches are a subtle and convenient addition to an industrial process.

Foot switches for Cosmetic Devices and Spa Furniture

Foot switches for medical devices give medical professionals easier control of their equipment without sacrificing the use of their hands.

Foot switches for Tattoo Guns

Foot switches are convenient for turning tattoo machines on and off without having to use your hands. Heavy duty tattoo gun foot switches last through years of use so you can keep making body art.

Foot switches for Amps and DJ Equipment

With the rise of electric instruments, foot switches for musical equipment have become a valuable addition to a musician’s gear. Use the momentary foot operated switch to control the keyboard sustain, or to operate DJ equipment and lighting.

Whatever your application, the Lee Engineering Footswitch is durable, customizable, and precise, offering the best and most convenient control.